Dairy farm with Powerfoil 8


Big Ass Fans improve not only thermal comfort, but also air quality and footing for improved herd health. Big Ass Fans are an economical, energy-efficient solution for a host of farming issues – from moisture control to air quality, birds, bugs and more and more.

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Big Ass Fans improve barn conditions and maximize training time by safely replacing numerous small fans and silently and efficiently moving a huge amount of air to keep you and your horses comfortable during peak riding season. Did we mention that flies hate us?

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Fairgrounds with Powerfoil 8


Keep arenas, colosseums, barns and other fairground facilities comfortable year-round with Big Ass Fans. Whether alone or in tandem with an HVAC system, Big Ass Fans are an energy-efficient and economical way to keep patrons and livestock happy and enjoying the show.

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Powerfoil X2.0 in farm shop

Farm Workshops

Farmers live and work at the mercy of the weather, and all too often that includes hot and cold days working on equipment in the workshop. Beat the summer heat and improve winter work conditions with a single solution: Big Ass Fans.

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Isis in Gallrein Farms Produce


By maintaining consistent temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, Big Ass Fans are an energy-efficient approach to producing consistent produce, reducing condensation and product loss and boosting worker comfort and productivity.

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