Heat Destratification

Big Ass Fans are nothing less than the highest quality, most meticulously engineered fans on the planet. And while you may think of them as a way to stay cool in summer, Big Ass Fans save you money and keep you comfortable even when the heat is on, thanks to a phenomenon called destratification.

Here’s how it works: Technically speaking, air from a heater is approximately 5 percent to 7 percent lighter than cool air. This means warm air has the annoying tendency of going where it’s least needed or appreciated—the ceiling. When Big Ass Fans are slowed (not reversed), they move large volumes of warm air off the ceiling and create a uniform temperature throughout a space. The slow speed guarantees you’ll never feel a draft.

The result? A dramatic increase in comfort, first of all. But the best effect is to your bottom line with a decrease of up to 30% in heating bills. That’s because your floor-level thermostat is now responding to the warmer air also being at floor level, so your heater doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the setpoint.

The money saved means a quick return on your investment, and that’s guaranteed to make anyone feel warm and cozy!