• Effective & Efficient Design

    • High volume/low speed (HVLS) technology delivers energy-efficient air movement in an 2.4m vertical fan
  • Durability

    • Powder coated safety yellow for visibility and a tough, long lasting finish
    • Uses a high-performance gear motor, precision machined from case-hardened steel
  • Easy Operation

    • Easy-Lock system features 16 selectable positions, allowing for a full 360 degrees of angle adjustments
    • Pull-and-insert mechanism keeps the fan cage locked in position
    • Heavy-duty locking swivel castors operate independently for durability and mobility
    • Variable speed control incorporates a compact onboard multi-speed touch pad with LED display, offering easy, weather-resistant operation
  • Minimal Assembly

    • Lightweight and compact design
    • Fully assembled (just attach cast0rs) and packaged on a 305mm wide pallet for immediate gratification of your cooling needs
  • Low Noise

    • Compact right-angle drive, precision-machined hub and aerodynamic aerofoils specifically designed for low noise
    • Delivers airflow half the length of a football field, yet is quiet enough to carry on a conversation directly in front of the fan
  • All Terrain

    • Oversized, foam-filled tyres help the AirGo All Terrain move easily outdoors without the threat of annoying flats or the need to monitor air pressure. Four-wheel steering provides a smaller turning radius, improved cornering performance and steering response for effortless, one-person maneuverability. Standard white paint means AirGo will always be dressed to impress at any event.


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Featured Case Study: Ft. Eustis Army Aviation Logistics School

“Everyone appreciates the air movement. Prior to installing Big Ass Fans, the space was uncomfortable and students had a difficult time learning in the hot environment. Now students stay focused and concentrate more.” Bruce Bulger, BDAR Project Officer, Newport News, Virginia


Ft. Eustis installed six overhead Big Ass Fans in large open spaces throughout the facility. In smaller spaces, the 8-ft. (2.4m) vertical AirGo® and 6-ft. (1.8m) diameter Pivot™ fans send airflow exactly where it’s needed. These fans move massive amounts of air while providing energy savings and occupant comfort year round. Now, students can focus on their lessons instead of their discomfort.

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