Big Ass Fans Introduces the World’s First Smart Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans® today unveiled the world’s first smart ceiling fan designed with an on-board computer and array of sensors. SenseME technology, available exclusively on the Haiku® ceiling fan, revolutionizes a home fixture that hadn’t changed for decades.

“The typical home has more than three fans, but they’re no smarter or better looking than your greatgrandma’s,” said Carey Smith, founder and Chief Big Ass of Big Ass Fans. “In the past couple of years, we’ve seen smart thermostats and smart light bulbs, yet you still have to pull a chain to start your ceiling fan. SenseME changes everything.”

One Smart Ass™ Fan
You never think about comfort until you’re uncomfortable. Haiku with SenseME is the first fan to think and make decisions to keep you comfortable automatically.

  • Forget the switch: SenseME knows when you enter or leave a room and turns Haiku on and off automatically.
  • Forget the chains: SenseME monitors the room’s temperature and humidity, adjusting Haiku’s speed when conditions change.
  • Forget discomfort: SenseME learns your comfort preferences, tailoring those speed adjustments to what you find comfortable.

Controlled by Smartphone
Haiku with SenseME, which begins shipping later this summer, is the first fan controllable by a smartphone app. Use the app to set schedules for both the fan and light or select from several unique control modes. 

Fan on a Mission
The introduction of Haiku with SenseME technology adds 40 jobs to Big Ass Fans’ manufacturing operations in Lexington, Ky., where the company and its current 500 employees are based. SenseME marks an evolution for the company, which, for the past 15 years, has engineered solutions that make people more comfortable in big spaces, everywhere from factories and distribution centers to churches and restaurants. Now Big Ass Fans brings its industrial design and engineering into the home with one goal: making comfort simple.

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