Media Coverage

Plant Services Details How Big Ass Fans Lower Heating Bills

Plant Services published an article today explaining how Big Ass Fans lower heating bills in winter. Big Ass Fans technical writer Josh Kegley described the phenomenon of thermal stratification, in which different temperatures of air settle into layers with the hottest trapped at the ceiling and coolest at the floor. Kegley noted that Big Ass… Read more »

Chief Big Ass Among CNET Experts on Smart Home

Founder and Chief Big Ass Carey Smith joined industry leaders selected by CNET to speak on its annual CES Smart Home Panel. Smith, along with executives from Amazon, Intel, Nest and Samsung, shared their visions for the smart home with CNET Reviews Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine. Smith discussed the launch of Haiku® Home, the new residential… Read more »

SlashGear Features Haiku Home and New Product Lineup

Technology website SlashGear covered the launch of Big Ass Solutions’ new residential division Haiku® Home at CES 2016. Writer Chris Davies noted the company is “embracing the smart home” in highlighting the affordability and advanced technology in the new lineup of products. Haiku Home’s product portfolio now boasts a ceiling fan engineered to retail for… Read more »

Twice Highlights Launch of Haiku Home

Consumer electronics website Twice published details of Big Ass Solutions’ new residential division Haiku® Home and its inspired range of products, price points and partnerships that firmly entrench the company as a leader in connected home technology. Writer Joseph Palenchar noted that “unlike other home-automation systems, Haiku products respond to human presence” with their built-in… Read more »

CNET Touts Haiku Home as ‘Not Your Usual Smart Home Company’

CNET extensively covered the launch of Haiku® Home, the new residential division by Big Ass Solutions®. Writer Ry Crist interviewed Chief Big Ass Carey Smith about his vision for the division, the central role of energy efficiency and how the company’s manufacturing expertise gives it a jump on the competition. Smith noted the smart home… Read more »

Big Ass Fans’ Company Culture Highlighted

Big Ass Fans’ work-hard, play-hard mentality is the focus of a new video on the amusing site of Budget Dumpster, which rents dumpsters for commercial and residential projects. Writer DJ Johnson detailed how Kentucky-based Big Ass Fans® has expanded globally while never losing its sense of humor. To read the article, click here.

Greenhouse Management Details How Big Ass Fans Help Greenhouses

Greenhouse Management published an article today noting the benefits of airflow in greenhouses and indoor growing facilities. Big Ass Fans technical writer Josh Kegley provided expertise on how fans reduce product loss and create stronger plants. “There is no way to totally eliminate post-harvest product loss, but fans can help reduce it by regulating and… Read more »

Plant Services Turns to Big Ass Light for Lighting Expertise

Plant Services published an article today written by Big Ass Light Technical Writer Josh Kegley that outlined five factors managers should consider in their next lighting purchases. With multiple classes of high-bay lighting now available, managers have a breadth of options to consider. “It’s more likely than ever that managers will find a lighting solution… Read more »

Inc. Lauds Big Ass Fans’ Recruiting Efforts

In its November issue, Inc. highlighted Big Ass Solutions® as an example of companies attracting top talent to smaller cities. Writer Kate Rockwood interviewed Chief Big Ass Carey Smith and noted Big Ass Fans pays wages that are 20 percent higher than the national average and 40 percent higher than the average in Kentucky, where… Read more »

Fabricating & Metalworking Declares High Bay LED ‘World’s Toughest LED Fixture’

Fabricating & Metalworking published an article today featuring the High Bay LED from Big Ass Light. The publication highlighted the fixture’s innovative and unmatched design that provides long-lasting durability, energy savings and effective LED lighting that stays vivid for up to 150,000 hours. “Unlike competing fixtures that are made of stamped sheet metal, the High… Read more »