Media Coverage

Big Ass Fans Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

Since retiring from The Tonight Show in 2014, Jay Leno has stayed busy working on his personal car collection, one of the world’s largest, with more than 150 automobiles and 100 motorcycles. To keep cool while he and his staff restore vintage vehicles, Leno uses Big Ass Fans’ Black Jack and AirGo fans.

Big Ass Light improves food quality

Have you ever thought that light affects the quality of your food? Food Quality & Safety magazine featured Big Ass Solutions writer Jamison Stoike, who told the readers about some unexpected benefits of LEDs. The article details light requirements in food processing facilities, food storage facilities and restaurants. “Merits of LED technology include improved efficiency,… Read more »

Haiku Lights lend a hand when you have no free hands

Fine Homebuilding’s ProHome publication featured Haiku Lights. The article reviewed Haiku Light’s premier model in a closed, low-ceiling environment and praised them for their low profile. Some of the light’s other features assessed by reviewer and homeowner Mike Guertin included motion detection, wireless connection, lights synchronization, remote activation and color temperature shifting. Read more about… Read more »

Big Ass Solutions supports new ceiling fan regulations

Technology publication Digital Trends published an article concerning efficiency standards and regulations for ceiling fans set by the Department of Energy. Jon Bostock, COO of Big Ass Solutions, believes “that the standards are good for the industry.” While many companies are fighting against regulation, Bostock and Big Ass Solutions think the it will force the… Read more »

Parade explains why Haiku is great for your bedroom

Parade magazine published an article outlining four of the quickest ways to improve your bedroom and featured Haiku fans. Not only they are effective at keeping you comfortable, but “they’re also gorgeous and whisper silent,” writes author Rachel Weingarten. She also notes the fan “was worth the investment” and “is not only a showpiece, but… Read more »

Big Ass Fans keep the bugs away

Full Service Restaurant published an article by Big Ass Solutions’ writer Vicky Broadus focused on the benefits a fan provides for patios. Not only do ceiling fans offer comfort during hot and humid days, but they are one of the best tools to keep insects from spreading viruses. “Flying insects have always been the bane… Read more »

Beverage Industry: HVLS fans in craft breweries

An article recently published in Beverage Industry broaches the difficulties craft breweries face in maintaining the right temperature control and the benefits of using an HVLS fan. Jamison Stoike, writer for Big Ass Solutions, says that “a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) ceiling fan recirculates hot air, creating a consistent floor-to-ceiling temperature and ensuring that every barrel… Read more »

Swengen USA: Haiku fans cut your electricity bill

Swengen USA recently published an article offering energy-efficient solutions to summer heat. Haiku fans have been featured as an alternative or supplement to air conditioning, which uses approximately 6% of the electricity produced in the United States. The Haiku L Series fan was recognized for its SenseME technology, which automates the fan and allows it… Read more »

Haiku Home brings health and comfort to your home

Builder Magazine reviewed products enhancing comfort and health in 2017. Writer Jennifer Goodman selected the products that are most energy-efficient. Big Ass Fans were featured along with our residential fans from Haiku Home. Focusing on the Artisan Collection, “the Energy Star-rated fans are ideal for rooms of any size,” says Goodman. Read the full article… Read more »

Add art to your ceiling with Haiku

Houstonia featured artist Nicola Parente, who designed one of the fans from the Haiku Artisan Collection. The designer created a fan that revolves around the idea of being “one with water.” Parente says that “the idea of having a piece of artwork that is part of the room’s architecture gives the person who’s buying it… Read more »