Big Ass Solutions Certified Installer Program

The Big Ass Solutions® Certified Installer program assures our customers that their Big Ass® products are not only well-designed and manufactured to quality standards, but it is also installed correctly, professionally and safely.

In the Family

Certified Big Ass Solutions Installers are an elite group of highly trained professionals. Our installers are part of a fast paced organization dedicated to superior quality and customer service. They benefit from Certified Training by our Big Ass Experts, increased business from Big Ass Solutions installation, warranty and service work and support from our award winning marketing team.

Certified Installer Program Requirements

To become a Certified Big Ass Solutions Installer all applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • Proven expertise in electrical or HVAC installations
  • Must hold required licenses and certifications in the geographic region where you work
  • Provide proof of liability insurance ($1,000,000 minimum)
  • Prove successful D&B results
  • Provide proof of workers compensation
  • Provide three professional references

Upon application review and approval, applicants will receive a visit from a Big Ass Solutions Representative to evaluate the following criteria. Certification fees may apply.

  • Clean and neat facilities-including service vehicles
  • Professional, qualified and courteous staff
  • Verify staffing of licensed personnel


We demand the best from ourselves because our customers expect it, and deserve it. Our installers must continually meet the following expectations.

  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Adhere to Big Ass Solutions’ 110% correction policy
  • Carry proof of all required insurance and licenses
  • Adhere and agree to all rules, requirements and regulations as stated in Contractor Agreement

Join the Team

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