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Big Ass Fans are an economical, energy-efficient solution for a herd of agricultural issues–from moisture control and product integrity to animal health, productivity, air quality, bird and bug deterrence and more.

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British Airways Hangar with Powerfoil X2.0


No hangar, terminal, FBO or aircraft manufacturing plant is too big for Big Ass Fans. We offer a fan for every space to keep technicians alert and productive, aircraft in top condition and passengers and personnel comfortable and happy.

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Local Taco with Essence

Commercial / Public Spaces

Big Ass Fans are the ideal air-moving machines for any commercial space, small or large. They work with existing HVAC to improve energy efficiency and can be personalized to stand out or blend in with any unique décor.

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Evelyn Turlington Elementary with Element


Big Ass Fans get straight A's in Comfort 101. Not only can they sport the school colors, but they also augment AC systems’ cooling effect and evenly distribute conditioned air throughout classrooms, gymnasiums and lunch rooms—or anywhere else eager minds gather.

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Isis at the Mercury Method


Whether a 40,000-sq. ft. fitness center or a 2,500-sq. ft. specialty gym, Big Ass Fans can make a person feel up to 10°F cooler without the noise and clutter of floor fans. While your clients work to build up their bodies, we work to slim down your utility bills.

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AirGo at Ft. Eustis


There may only be two things that governments can agree on: comfort and energy savings. Whether in a library, office, courtroom or military installation, Big Ass Fans control energy costs and enhance comfort alone or in tandem with an HVAC system.

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Aaron & Company with Powerfoil X2.0


Big Ass Fans are right at home in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Whether you store, assemble, fabricate, wash or bottle your product, Big Ass Fans control energy costs while enhancing comfort.

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Isis at Audi Beverly Hills

Motor Vehicles

From shop to showroom, Big Ass Fans will move air throughout your entire space, including up and over obstructions such as cars, lifts and racking. This pattern ensures air reaches all corners of your facility.

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