Commercial/Public Spaces

Isis at Patroon


One of the simplest ways to retain diners is to ensure they’re comfortable in your restaurant. Big Ass Fans gently and silently move air throughout dining rooms to ensure customers are comfortable —without fluttering napkins or distracting from conversation.

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Element in Nova

Event Centers

Theaters, convention centers, grand ballrooms, even small vestibules, all benefit from optimum airflow. Big Ass Fans adjust to provide the necessary airflow regardless of facility size or occupancy level, improving comfort while reducing heating expenses.

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Montage Laguna Beach Hotel with 52" H Series Haiku


Big Ass Fans greet guests with a gentle breeze in the summer and a warming effect in the winter. Whether it is lobbies, ballrooms, suites, conference centers, even the bar, proper air movement ensures patrons remain comfortable, reducing your energy expenses.

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Office Space

Studies show that comfortable workers are safer, happier and more productive. A single Big Ass Fan replaces dozens of small ineffective fans using only a fraction of the energy. Move air while providing a comforting breeze; If only your employees worked so hard.

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Yellow Jacket on field

Outdoor Venues

We’re not here to steal the show; it just happens that way sometimes. In outdoor venues Big Ass Fans silently move the air, offering an intermission from uncomfortable conditions. This 10°F cooling effect significantly improves ambiance for your guests.

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Bikeworks with Isis


While clients shop in your store, we invite you to shop in ours. Big Ass Fans work together with HVAC systems providing a cooling effect in the summer while redirecting warm air in the winter. Maintain consistent temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to wall.

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George Mason University with Powerfoil X2.0

Sports Venues

Summer afternoons at the ball park are a lot more comfortable with the addition of Big Ass Fans. Even in large, non-conditioned stadiums, the massive air movement provided by Big Ass Fans can make spectators and athletes feel 10°F cooler. Two points for Team Ass.

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Kalahari Theme Park with Powerfoil X2.0

Theme Parks

We have fans for every conceivable location within your park. Overhead, portable, oscillating, misting and directional fans help customize comfort needs so your staff and patrons remain happy, whether immersed in the action or stuck in a queue.

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Worship Facilities/Nonprofits

Perhaps divine intervention is taking it too far, but we like to think we’re close. Large cathedral ceilings benefit from Big Ass Fans’ sleek, silent air movement, bringing the comforting power of air movement to worship facilities worldwide.

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