Big Ass Fans provides year-round comfort to the employees and visitors of the nation’s offices, warehouses, municipal buildings and monuments. In air conditioned spaces, Big Ass Fans improve airflow efficiency, allowing you to raise the AC setpoint.

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Powerfoil X2.0 at military base


Solving comfort issues in offices, hangars, maintenance facilities and warehouses can be troublesome. Installing Big Ass Fans is not. Summer cooling and winter destratification through proper air circulation results in more comfortable and productive personnel.

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Gulfport Fire Station with Powerfoil X2.0


The same silent operation Big Ass Fans use in your public library also circulates air in your firehouse, keeping occupants cool in the summer and destratifying warm winter air. Keep your plaza looking cool, while visitors stay cool. Basically we can do it all.

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Element in Nicholas County Courthouse


Your employees are mobile and so are we. Big Ass Fans are portable, misting, over-head, wall-mounted and directional allowing you to customize your comfort needs and look good while doing it. Exemplary air movement year-round is just the beginning.

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