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It's the ceiling fan, but better.

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The average home ceiling fan features hundred-year-old technology and aesthetics straight out of the 1980s. It’s not a great look, and it doesn’t work that well, either. Now, thanks to Haiku, there’s a better way.

Haiku is better.

Winner of more than 50 international design and technology awards, and occupant of the top 17 spots on the ENERGY STAR® efficiency rankings, Haiku just keeps proving its awesomeness.

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Haiku looks better.

Haiku is handcrafted from quality materials in a variety of finishes to suit your space – pick from sustainable Moso bamboo, glass-infused matrix composite and aircraft-grade aluminum (polished or powder-coated)! No matter what material you choose, it’s all backed by a lifetime warranty.

Airfoil Finishes

Caramel Bamboo
Cocoa Bamboo
Big Ass Fans
Yellow (84″)

Hardware Finishes

Oil-rubbed Bronze*
Satin Nickel*

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Haiku feels better.

Haiku isn’t a standard three-speed fan. Everyone’s comfort level is different, so Haiku has more options: up to seven speeds and a special Whoosh mode that simulates a natural breeze.

Haiku works better.

No need for pull chains—say hello to our little friend the remote control. Haiku is also available with a wireless wall controller, and you can even add SenseME technology to turn Haiku into a smart fan that keeps you comfortable automatically.

We could talk about Haiku all day—but we’d rather let our customers speak for us.
  • “We have a million-dollar view at our lake house, and all people want to talk about is our Haiku fan. I love your product—it’s so far outside of what other people do.” – Vincent D.
  • “I recently installed one of your fans in my living room. It has made a ton of difference in moving the air in the room. I heat with firewood, and have a vaulted ceiling so getting the heat from the top of the room to the floor is vital. I am very impressed.” – Justin L.
  • “It’s incredible how much air it moves – it’s unbelievable. You can stand at the end of the barn, and you can still feel the air movement. I don’t have to run the A/C nearly as much to keep it cool.” – Bill S.
  • “Love the Whoosh mode- sleeping under it in our bedroom is truly a dream now.” – Senka T.
  • “Its pure functional form makes it the nicest looking fan I’ve ever specified. As my brother said, ‘Somebody spent a lot of time on this design until they got it just right’. He’s an Industrial Designer who has worked for some very note-worthy companies who pride themselves on superb design (like Ferrari).” – D’Arcy D.
  • “We really like our new Haiku fan. It operates silently and pushes the exact amount of air around that we dial-in on the remote. Installation was easy because we replaced an existing fan from a popular manufacturer that ceased to operate after 3 years. I am expecting much longer life from my Haiku fan.” – Craig S.

Haiku sounds better.

And by “sounds better,” we mean it’s completely silent. The motor uses permanent magnets to work efficiently and noiselessly, and we hand-balance and test each Haiku in a sound chamber to make sure it’s wobble-free and noise-free. Period.

Haiku illuminates better.

The patented LED kit offers 16 different brightness settings to provide the perfect light level for any moment—and since the LEDs last for over 20 years of six-hour-a-day use, the days of burnt-out bulbs are over.

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Haiku saves better.

Haiku exceeds ENERGY STAR® efficiency requirements by 450%, making it their top-rated residential fan. By using Haiku to feel cooler in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter, you can save up to 30% on your utility bills year-round.

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Haiku thinks better.

SenseME™ Technology

Why get a smart fan? Because Haiku with SenseME features a fleet of sensors and microprocessors that adjust the fan automatically to help you save energy and stay comfortable. It even remembers your preferences to make more personalized adjustments in the future. How do we fit this much awesome into a fan? It helps that Haiku with SenseME is crafted with care right here in the USA.

Don’t Yank Our Chain

Haiku doesn’t have one. The motion sensor turns Haiku with SenseME on and off as you enter and leave the room.

Breeze Through the Afternoon

Whoosh® Mode varies the fan’s speed to simulate a natural breeze.

Use Your (Fan’s) Brain

Smart Mode automatically adjusts the fan as the room gets warmer or cooler.

Get the Sleep You Need

Sleep Mode lets you choose your ideal temperature or fan speed for the perfect snooze.

Set It and Forget It

Program Haiku to suit your schedule. Turn on the light while you’re away or set Sleep Mode to hit the hay when you do.

Don’t Push Our Buttons (Unless You Want To)

The SenseME app for iOS and Android gives you total control of your fan from your mobile device.

Get Cold-Weather Comfort

Winter Mode saves energy in the winter by pushing hot air down from the ceiling.

Works With Nest

Pair Haiku with SenseME with the Nest Learning Thermostat and save money year-round.


Want to learn a little more?

SenseME FAQ’s

Haiku with SenseME is the world’s most advanced ceiling fan, and we’re not the only ones who can’t stop talking about it.
  • “I’m in love with the smart home. … I’m even more in love with devices that talk to each other to make the whole system better, and that’s why I adore the Haiku fan from Big Ass Fans.” — TechRepublic
  • “…the most stylish overhead fan/light combos I’ve ever laid eyes on.” — Time magazine
  • “Have you ever coveted your neighbor’s ceiling fan? No? Then your neighbor doesn’t own the Haiku from Big Ass Fans.” — CNET Magazine
  • “Haiku with SenseME is a ‘game changer’ in the smart home.” — CBS This Morning
  • “The specs put this fan as the top of its class…” — CNET
  • “One of the best products of the year…” — Inc.
  • “The best thing you could possibly put above your bed.” — Wired



Diameters Available
52”, 60” and 84”

Coverage Area
15’ x 15’, 20’ x 20’ and 30’ x 30’

Airfoil Materials
Bamboo, matrix composite or aluminum


Approved Locations
Indoor or covered outdoor (bamboo Haiku should not be used outdoors)


Patented LED module

Remote, wall controller or app

Airfoil Finishes

  • Caramel Bamboo
  • Cocoa Bamboo
  • Black
  • White
  • Polished Aluminum
  • Big Ass Fans Yellow (84″ only)

Hardware Finishes

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze (bamboo only)
  • Satin Nickel (bamboo only)
  • Black
  • White

SenseME Technology