Powerfoil X2.0 at Ft. Eustis

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Get energy-efficient comfort from above with our industrial ceiling fans. Our flagship ceiling fan, Powerfoil X3.0, leads the way with a maintenance-free gearbox and a nonprorated 15 year warranty. Need something smaller and lighter? We have that too.

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UK Dairy Barn with Yellow Jacket

Column/Wall Fans

Clear your floor space of pedestal fans, cords and other hazards with a column- or wall-mounted Big Ass Fan. Mount the Yellow Jacket to a column or wall or put the 18-inch Sweat Bee on a swivel arm for pinpoint comfort on loading docks.

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Black Jack Through the in Door

Mobile Fans

You can't always stay put beneath a Big Ass Fan. So take it with you. Our easy-to-move mobile fans go with you to the job site, workstation or wherever energy-efficient airflow is needed. From the 8-ft AirGo to the 18-inch Sweat Bee, we have a fan to fit the job.

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So you’ve got all these Big Ass Solutions products. How do you manage them all? Control it all from a single location and maximize energy savings with our innovative control systems. SmartSense adjusts your fans speed based on temperature while BAFWorks brings it all together with lighting and ventilation.

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Big Ass Light offers custom lighting solutions to optimize your available space and minimize energy usage. Big Ass Light engineers will measure and model your space, recommending the best solution possible for your unique lighting needs.

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