• Intuitive Software

    • Sleek, iPad-based interface makes controlling fans, lights and ventilation easy and fast
    • Touchscreen is bright and responsive to common finger swipe controls
    • Even novice tech users can master this control without a guide
  • Design Features

    • Includes 9.7-inch (246.4mm) multi-touch display with 1024-by-768-pixel resolution and wall mounting bracket
  • Operational Features

    • Network all fans, lights and ventilation equipment
    • Password-protected interface prevents unauthorized use
    • Start, stop and control equipment individually, by groups or all at once
    • Keep tabs on individual fans through a status display
    • Includes alarm output contact for integrating fans into fire control panel
    • Animated icons give quick visual confirmation of equipment status
    • Schedule individual or multiple fans, lights and ventilation to start and stop at user-defined intervals
  • Automation Modules

    Night flush with IntelliVent

    • IntelliVent automates the use of exhaust fans and louvers
    • Optimizes thermal comfort based on indoor and outdoor temperature


    • Automatically adjusts fans based on seasonal conditions
    • Minimizes ceiling-to-floor temperature differential in the winter
    • Increases fan speed as temperature rises during summer
  • System Benefits

    • Allows for hassle-free operation of fans, lights and ventilation equipment
    • Scheduling optimizes both equipment performance and thermal comfort
    • Reduces energy consumption to save money
    • Automation modules eliminate human error
    • Expandable platform grows alongside your business

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