Customer Service & Support

Service you’ll actually enjoy dealing with

Whether you’re tracking a recent order, need a spare part, want some technical advice or just have a question about your new products, our Customer Service department is here for you.

This isn’t your average ugh-I-have-to-call-customer-service, block-off-the-afternoon-to-deal-with-this department—just like everything else we do, our customer service goes way, way above and beyond.

  • “Thank you for having team associates that take satisfaction to heart. I feel like Big Ass Fans has now gone beyond the call of duty.” – Mary G.
  • Sales was willing to coordinate, help with application, and set up an account for purchases. I have never encountered such an on-time and efficient sales team before. – Wayne Q.
  • “Very well pleased with the service. Based on that good service we’re in the process of placing a similar order for our Lubbock, Texas store. Thanks for your help!” – Bill H.
  • “My experience with Big Ass Fans has been wonderful. The product is amazing and the support and follow-up, world class. Thank you so much for everything… We love our fans.” – Joe C.
  • “I bought a bamboo Haiku fan. I really like the airflow and the seven speeds. I am very satisfied with the fan and your customer service.” – Ken M.
  • “Everything has been great and I love my fan. Your customer service was top notch as well.” – Heath K.
  • I can say with 100% assurance that I have been very pleased from start to finish with my every encounter with Big Ass Solutions® . The staff members have been above and beyond friendly and conscientious. – Michelle A.
  • “We had eight Big Ass Fans installed. The process was very professional and enjoyable from the first phone call to the completion of the project.” – Michael N.
  • “I received top-notch customer service. They got back to me the same day, and the next day they sent a new part. I didn’t have to jump through hoops, and I wasn’t blamed for the problem.” – Debbie F.
  • “Our entire experience was a breeze – from Cory in sales to installation. Our first event in that building was the week after install and our client said ‘This freaking fan is AWESOME!’” – Timothy W.

Why Big Ass Customer Service Kicks Ass

  • When you call us, we’ll answer. No hanging out on hold for days, no third-party call centers, just a real person who works here, right away.
  • We’re in-house. We know these products inside and out, and we have access to everyone involved: we sit right around the corner from the engineers who designed them, just downstairs from the people who sold them, and we can head down the street to meet up with the people who made and shipped them.
  • We’ve been there. Our department includes electricians, installers, programmers, IT pros and production gurus, so we know exactly what you’re dealing with and we know how to help.
  • You get a single point of contact and a direct line to that person. That means you don’t have to explain yourself four or five times to four or five people.
  • We’ll make it right. We don’t believe in scripts, decision trees or giving people the runaround—if you’re our customer and you have an issue, we’re going to fix it. Period.