Aftermarket Service

Once a Big Ass customer, always a Big Ass customer

So your awesome Big Ass Fans® are installed and running smoothly—now what? Big Ass® service is still here for you. Our Aftermarket Service team is here to provide ongoing support, whether you’re moving your fans into a new facility or want to trade up to a newer model.

What Aftermarket Service Can Do

  • Big Ass Fans Trade-In Program – If you’ve got an old fan, trade it in for credit on a new one! Check out the sidebar for more.
  • Preventative Maintenance – This 21-point inspection is like a checkup for your fans. We recommend it yearly, but it’s available anytime you want to make sure your fans are in tip-top shape.
  • Aftermarket Parts – If you want to upgrade your fan with a light kit or a control system or maybe just some replacement parts, call us! We’ll get you exactly what you need and it’ll be at your door before you know it.
  • Relocations and Retrofits – Moving into a new space or reconfiguring your current one? Congratulations! While you’re packing up your products, let us move and reinstall your fans. (Do you really want to deal with taking apart, transporting and reinstalling a bunch of 24-ft fans? Probably not—so let us help!)