A Breath of Fresh Air

While many stables are littered with box fans every summer, horse owners often overlook the simple use of air movement to improve comfort and health on a larger scale. Stalled horses develop airway inflammation in response to the particulates present in stable air, including the dust and mold present in feed and bedding. Maximizing the amount of fresh air coming into – and circulating within – the barn can help to mimic pasture conditions. The air movement created by Big Ass Fans also dilutes inflammatory ammonia in the air, reducing odors common in stables.

What horse owner doesn’t recognize the familiar summer scene of box fans on every stall with electrical cords taped, strapped and tied in every direction? One Big Ass Fan can safely replace numerous box fans, silently and efficiently moving a huge amount of air to keep you and your horses comfortable while sweeping flies and ammonia out of your barn..

Birds avoid Big Ass Fans, and pesky insects can’t fly in the powerful airflow. Stop spraying chemicals all over your barn and horses—the bug-banishing power of airflow is completely natural and highly effective!

Maximize training time

In indoor riding arenas, the air movement provided by Big Ass Fans can make riders feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler, increasing training time during the peak of the show season. Spring and fall temperature fluctuations can cause condensation to form. You built an indoor arena to get out of the rain—so why are you still getting dripped on indoors? Big Ass Fans can be slowed to gently create consistent temperatures from ceiling to floor, alleviating condensation concerns in indoor riding arenas.

Quality footing can make the difference between equine athletes at the top of their game or a lame horse. Many arena managers use Big Ass Fans as part of their footing management strategy. By precisely controlling airflow in the arena, managers can perfect the balance between well-watered footing and dry, dusty conditions.

Veterinary research on equine heat exhaustion led to the use of misting fans to cool horses and riders at major equestrian events worldwide. With Big Ass Fans, you can bring the world’s biggest and best misting systems to your own ringside or event.

We get it

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