The Big Show

Fairground managers know concert halls, coliseums, arenas and other large, conditioned venues are expensive to maintain during the hot summer months when most facilities host the year’s biggest events. Big Ass Fans work hand-in-hand with AC systems, distributing conditioned air evenly throughout a space. Because of the 5.6°C cooling effect provided by Big Ass Fans, managers can maintain occupant comfort with a higher AC set point, saving money without sacrificing comfort.

In the winter, slow your Big Ass Fans to gently redirect warmed air that collects at the ceiling back down to your visitors’ level. Recirculating this warmed air allows you to turn down the heat by 2 to 3°C degrees. And because Big Ass Fans use their immense size, not speed, to move a massive amount of air, they require minimal electrical input to run. Save 30% or more by using fans to circulate the heat from a mechanical comfort system throughout the space.

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In non-conditioned spaces like animal housing and covered riding arenas, moving air can make occupants—whether two or four legged—feel up to 5.6°C cooler in the summer heat and create uniform conditions within the space, preventing “dead spots” where stale air and odors can linger. There’s no more efficient way to move air than with a Big Ass Fan.

Come one, come all

From our signature overhead fans spanning up to 7.3m in diameter to fans for smaller spaces, and even misting fans for the midway, we’ve got you covered in spaces of any shape or size.

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