Employee Productivity Does not Lie

Always on time, never leaves early, works hard all day … wouldn’t it be nice if you could say that about all your employees? Big Ass Fans operate year round, providing much-needed air movement to keep your other employees comfortable without so much as a peep.

Operating in silence, Big Ass Fans work hand in hand with HVAC systems to provide a 5.6°C cooling effect while evenly distributing conditioned air throughout the space. Maintaining comfortable conditions with a higher AC set point saves you money without sacrificing comfort. Big Ass Fans also augment natural ventilation, helping to circulate the air within your space.

In the winter, slow your Big Ass Fan to gently redirect warmed air collecting at the ceiling back down to the floor level, improving comfort and reducing your heating expenses.

The LEED Employee

If you’re seeking LEED designation for your facility, Big Ass Fans has more than 40 LEED-accredited design team members on staff, ready to assist you during any stage of the design process–from initial designs to final installation. We’re also happy to send Revit® files, technical specs or even help you through the LEED process.

Stay Productive

Studies have shown that more comfortable workers are safer, happier and more productive. A single Big Ass Fan can replace dozens of small, noisy overhead and pedestal fans while using only a fraction of the energy. Move hot air away from employees and provide a comforting breeze throughout the space at the same time.

For Hire

Our commercial specialists know what’s important to office managers. Talk to a Big Ass Fan Expert for a custom quote.