Big Fan on Campus

From bookstore rotundas to natatoriums, vast recreation centers to open-air stadiums, and even dorm rooms, Big Ass Fans take top honours in comfort year-round.

Given today’s versatile university environment, campuses operate more intelligently than before, often serving a variety of activities under one roof. Serving as a basketball court by day, hosting a concert in the evening, orientation in the fall and graduation in the spring, these multi-use facilities generally create high-occupancy densities and have a greater need for air circulation.

Where Comfort Scores Big

In facilities without air conditioning, Big Ass Fans’ 5.6°C cooling effect improves comfort without the noise that accommodates numerous small high-velocity fans. They also augment AC systems’ cooling effect and evenly distribute conditioned air throughout a space. Facility managers can utilize energy-efficient Big Ass Fans to maintain occupant comfort with a higher AC set point, saving money without sacrificing comfort.

In the winter, slow your Big Ass Fans to gently redirect warm air collected at the ceiling back down to the occupants to improve comfort and reduce your heating expenses.

Fans of Education

Big Ass Fans help create an environment conducive to learning. Talk to a Big Ass Fan Expert for a custom quote. Not a big “ass” fan? No worries—we offer more subtle branding packages.