Powerfoil X2.0 at Ft. Eustis

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Get energy-efficient comfort from above with our industrial ceiling fans. Our flagship ceiling fan, Powerfoil X2.0, leads the way with a maintenance-free gearbox and a nonprorated 15 year warranty. Need something smaller and lighter? We have that too.

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UK Dairy Barn with Yellow Jacket

Column/Wall Fans

Clear your floor space of pedestal fans, cords and other hazards with a column- or wall-mounted Big Ass Fan. Mount the Yellow Jacket to a column or wall for pinpoint comfort on loading docks.

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Black Jack Through the in Door

Mobile Fans

You can't always stay put beneath a Big Ass Fan. So take it with you. Our easy-to-move mobile fans go with you to the job site, workstation or wherever energy-efficient airflow is needed. From the 8-ft AirGo to the 18-inch Sweat Bee, we have a fan to fit the job.

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