Nature put us on earth with a built-in air conditioner: Smart. We engineer our Big Ass Fans to make the most of it: Smarter.

OSHA standards indicate temperatures of 38°C and above are dangerous for workers, while air temperatures that exceed 35°C significantly increase the heat load on the body. When temperature and humidity levels rise, the body’s natural ability to cool itself decreases. While air movement does not lower the actual temperature in a space, the perceived cooling effect can make a person feel up to 5.6°C cooler.

And Big Ass Fans aren’t only for non-conditioned facilities – by using energy-efficient fans in conjunction with air conditioning, building managers can raise their air conditioning setpoint to save energy while maintaining thermal comfort. Specifying Big Ass Fans during new construction can also help builders reduce HVAC tonnage and ductwork, saving money before the fans are even turned on.

Energy efficiency and cost effectiveness: Smart.
You: Smartest.