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Big Ass Fans’ innovative Clean Air System is a full-service, facility-wide air quality solution that kills up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens in your space.

Powerful Airflow

Why bother disinfecting the air if it never actually reaches your people? Our fans’ superior airflow is the key to delivering clean, comfortable air to the spaces where they live, work, and breathe.

Proven Technology

Air disinfection methods have existed for decades, but seamless integration into our industry-leading products makes this technology more practical and more effective than ever before.

Unmatched Expertise

We’re the airflow experts. With our custom specification, factory-certified installation, and a lifetime of system support and maintenance, you’ll keep your people protected for the long haul.

Ready to defend your people with Clean Air System?

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Stay Safe, Stay Comfortable

Haiku with UV-C Technology

Nothing matters more than providing safe, comfortable conditions for your family, friends, and guests. That’s why we leveraged our airflow expertise in a way only Big Ass Fans could, delivering world-class comfort and scientifically proven air disinfection with Haiku. Now, the powerful airflow from our award-winning Haiku ceiling fan—already the world’s smartest and most efficient—enhances the effectiveness of ultraviolet technology by killing up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens in your space.

  • Protect your people by killing up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens
  • Disinfect your space and stay comfortable with our proprietary combination of powerful air movement and UV-C technology
  • Enjoy convenient controls and automation from your mobile device
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Call us to speak to our airflow experts about safeguarding your space with Haiku, or submit a simple form to request a call-back.

†Haiku with UV-C achieved a 99.9% reduction rate of a microbial suspension within 10 minutes. To see the full testing results, give us a call or submit a request.

How UV-C Technology Works

Haiku UV-C

Pure Airflow with Sleek Style

Haiku with UV-C allows your family and friends to come together with peace of mind. The fan directs invisible UV-C rays at the ceiling, inactivating airborne pathogens as they pass over the fixture. Haiku increases air circulation through the disinfection zone, cleaning your space within a matter of minutes.

Haiku’s available UV-C technology integrates seamlessly with the fan design. When activated, the fixture’s blue indicator LEDs give off a soft glow, so you can know your Haiku’s smooth, whisper-quiet operation is efficiently cleaning the air in your space.

Note: Blue LED output enhanced for illustrative purposes.
Haiku UV-C

Quick, Convenient Control

Use the Haiku by Big Ass Fans mobile app from anywhere within your network to activate your UV-C fixture or schedule a regular cleaning routine for your space.

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Take Back Your Peace of Mind

The World’s Favorite Ceiling Fan

Our handcrafted Haiku ceiling fan will elevate your space with unmatched performance, modern design, and the latest smart home integrations. With Haiku’s powerful airflow, you’ll experience improved comfort, air circulation, and, with UV-C technology, the peace of mind that you’re protecting your guests against harmful airborne pathogens.

  • Ten luxurious finish options
  • Indoor and outdoor models*
  • 52-, 60-, and 84-inch diameter options
  • SenseMe™ automation with environmental sensors
  • Voice and mobile app controls
  • Includes premium remote
*Connected controls and UV-C technology not available on outdoor models

Stay Safe, Comfortable, and in Style

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