Gas Monkey Garage

We fired up a 1926 Aero the other day, and it put out enough smoke that you couldn’t see inside the room. The fans cleared it out in about 10 minutes. If we didn’t have those fans, it would still be lingering. Richard Rawlings, Co-owner

Gas Monkey Garage co-owners Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman installed a fleet of Big Ass Fans® in their Dallas shop. Powerfoil®X2.0, Isis® and Yellow Jacket® fans keep the Monkeys comfortable on even the toughest, dirtiest, most fume-filled builds.

When the Monkeys started a bar and grill, they turned to Big Ass Fans to keep their customers cool. A black Haiku 84® and two Essence® fans installed throughout the restaurant keep the space comfortable even in the Texas heat—and look good doing it.

Look for us at 0:20 in the video above.

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