Case Study: Darwin International Airport

After we put the Big Ass Fans in the foyer, we were able to lift the set point of air conditioning by 2 degrees, and over the year, doing the sums on the consumption, that’s saved us about $57,000 a year. Glen Newport, Senior Technical Officer

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With over 2 million passengers travelling throughout the airport each year, it was important for Darwin International Airport to make a good impressions and sense of place. However, the foyer constantly had doors opening, letting warm air in and the cold air out. To compensate for this, they turned the air-conditioning down, using more energy and more air flowing out the front door. 


Darwin International Airport decided to install 10 Essence fans in their foyer. As a result, they were able to move a huge amount of air with virtually no noise.  

“And if you don’t look up, the only thing you just think is there is just a breeze in the terminal” Glen Newport says.

Based at Darwin International Airport, Careflight, an Aeromedical retrieval service to remote areas in top end of the Northern Territory, had previously installed a Big Ass Fan in their small, old hanger, which was very effective that they had them built into the design of the new, larger hanger. 

“Working under the fans is actually very, very good” says Bill Markey, Senior Base Engineer at CareFlight, “if they have to be turned off for painting or something or rather where you can’t have the wind blowing, you feel it almost instantly’


Darwin International Airport was able to reduce their energy bill by $57,000 over the year from installing Essence fans, reducing their air conditioning set point by two degrees Celsius. 

Darwin International Airport has now mandated Big Ass Fans as part of the design feature for a new hanger. 

Working under the fans, the team at CareFlight were able to feel the immediate difference where Big Ass Fans were by far the best option available for this size area.

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