Case Study: Going Green with Big Ass Fans Brisbane

We always personally go back to comfort - thats our gauge. A common myth we tell ourselves is that to be comfortable you have sacrifice being sustainable, which is absolutely not the case. That idea of comfort can be achieved with a lot of value adds. Opening up a window and letting in fresh air can make a huge difference, then when it starts to heat up, add fans into the mix. By just going through that simple progression you haven't introduced energy intensive systems, saving energy. Phil Jackson, Owner Guymer Bailey Architects

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While 2020 was defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were grateful for the extra time spent with families inside the home. Fast forward to 2021 and it is looking like that home-bound time will continue which stands to influence how design will trend in the future. With most Australians spending more time at home, design trends are focused on creating ample space utilization, plenty of greenery to maintain connections to nature, and sustainability.


Hear from industry experts; Shelley Craft (The Block Co-Host), Alycia Chapman (Renovating Australia Co-Host), Phil Jackson (Guymer Bailey Architects) and Harry & Tash (The Block Contestants 2020) as they discuss current trends they are seeing in their own projects. From eco villages to home renos, you'll find green design principles that you can apply to any type of project.

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