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Haiku Mount Options

Every ceiling is different. We’ve got a variety of mount styles and lengths to make sure your Haiku and your ceiling are a perfect match.

The Angle of Your Dangle

  • Flat ceiling? Congratulations! Your ceiling is down with all our mount styles. You can use whatever mount type is appropriate for your ceiling height. Go ahead and proceed on down the page.
  • Sloped ceiling? Aren’t you fancy! That sweet sloped ceiling is picky and will work only with our extended mount. Sorry, our short and standard mounts just don’t work on a sloped surface.
  • How sloped do we go? The extended mount works on a maximum ceiling angle of 33 degrees. Don’t know your ceiling angle? Use our handy calculator to figure it out!

How to Find Your Ceiling Slope

First, find your rise. This is the difference between the highest point of your ceiling and the lowest. Get out that ladder and measure from the floor to where the wall meets the ceiling at its highest point. Then measure from the floor to the ceiling on the shortest wall. Subtract the small number from the big number. This is your rise.

Next, find your run. This is the distance from the shortest wall to the tallest wall along the floor. Get a tape measure and put one end on the floor against the shortest wall and run it on the floor to the tallest wall. This is your run.

Calculate Your Ceiling Angle

Enter your rise and run to find your ceiling angle. Round to the nearest whole number.

Which Height is Right?

Here’s the deal: Haiku’s airfoils should hang at least 2.1m above the floor. We’ve got a variety of mount lengths to make that happen!

  • Measure your ceiling from the floor to the point where your fan will hang. No falling down, please—don’t you wish you were taller?
  • Got a sloped ceiling? Remember, you need our extended mount! But no worries—with standard 17.1 and 51cm drop lengths and 0.8, 1.2, and 1.5m extension kits available, you have lots of options no matter how high (or low—our extension kits work on sloped ceilings as low as 2.6m) your ceiling is.
  • 2.4 to 2.7m flat ceilings: Pick up a Haiku with a short mount!
  • 2.9 to 3m flat ceilings: Our standard mount is just what you need.
  • 3 to 3.6m ceilings: Your lofty space needs our extended mount!
  • 3.6 to 4.2m ceilings: Get yourself an extended mount with a .8- or 1.2m extension kit (what a mouthful).
  • 4.2m or higher ceilings: Whoa. You’re gonna need a bigger mount: Grab an extended mount with a 1.5m extension kit.