The Garage Light

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The Garage Light brings brilliant, energy-efficient light to production spaces, such as garages, task areas and workshops in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Ready to "plug and play" straight out of the box, the Garage Light is the last light you'll ever need.

  • Lumen Output: 13,000 L
  • Wattage: 107 W
  • Efficacy: 121 LPW
  • Warranty: 7-year complete fixture warranty

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Bright As Hell

  • Comes in 13,000 lumen output so you can light up every inch and every corner of your space.
  • Comes in 4000K and 5000 K colour temperature

Energy-Efficient Performance

  • Our LEDs outperform metal halide and fluorescent fixtures across the board—they’re more efficient, start up faster and last longer.
  • Predicted to maintain 70% of initial light output for up to 150,000 hours. That’s over 70 years of six-hour-a-day use.

Lumen Maintenance Trays

  • Protect LEDs from dirt, debris and dead bugs.
  • Easy to change and clean—no need to get out the tools.
  • The Garage Light comes standard with our Diffused Lumen Maintenance Tray, which distributes bright, smooth, slightly softer light at a width of 112°.

Tough As Hell

  • Heavy-duty anodised, extruded aluminium offers unparalleled strength and durability.
  • The entire body serves as a heat sink to quickly dissipate heat from the LEDs, extending their already-long lifespan.
  • Impact-resistant, single-piece construction that doesn’t flicker when you run it over with a truck (or anything else).

Compact Footprint

  • At just under 609 mm long and less than 254 mm wide, The Garage Light takes up very little space. In fact, it’s just half the size of a typical fluorescent light fixture, but even brighter


Occupancy Sensor

  • Forget about switches—get the occupancy sensor and your lights will turn on, down and off automatically.
  • Maximise your energy savings and extend your fixtures’ lifespan. Everybody wins.

Wall and Column Mounts

We told you to stick our Big Ass Lights where the sun don’t shine. Our wall and column mounts will help you stick ’em in even more places.

  • Constructed from formed aluminium for lightweight durability
  • 360° rotation for direct, focused light, right where you need it
  • Easily adjustable if your lighting needs change
  • Column mounts compatible with I-beams

Tech Specs

The Garage Light

Series Garage
Operating Voltage 240
Wattage 107
Efficacy 121
Operating Temperature -40 to 131F
Lens Type Diffused
Lumen Output 13,000
CRI 70
CCT 4000K and 5000K
Dimming Capability No
Lifespan (L70) 150,000
Options Occupancy Sensor
Warranty 7-Year
Specification Sheets The Garage Light  

IES Files

  • 13K 5K Diffused Lens
  • Awards

    • Received Gold recognition in Appliance Design's Excellence in Design competition, which identifies outstanding achievements in innovation, design and functionality.