Polished Perfection

The polished aluminium Haiku 84 is unlike any fan you’ve ever seen. With sleek lines and style to spare, this centerpiece adds a brilliant splash of silver to showplace spaces.

The polished aluminium Haiku 84 classes up great rooms, dining areas and kitchens with its vibrant echoes of Art Deco. But with a gleaming surface evocative of classic cars and motorcycle chrome, it’s also perfect for adding muscular pop to garages, bar areas and man caves.

Shine On

Like the fan itself, the level of exacting care and craftsmanship that goes into producing its flawless mirrored surface is truly extraordinary. A metal finishing house that serves Harley-Davidson transforms each of the aerodynamically sculpted aerofoils through an hour-long buffing process that’s followed by personal hand-finishing to ensure a flawless, reflective surface.

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One Gorgeous, Gleaming Gift

The polished aluminum Haiku began as a surprise, custom-made birthday gift for Founder and Chief Big Ass Carey Smith. When we posted a photo of the fan hanging in his office on social media, it generated so many calls that we decided to start full production. The finish was initially only available for our Haiku 84 model, but we’ve since expanded it to our full Haiku line of 52-, 60- and 84-inch fans.

Big Ass Fans is proud to offer a ceiling fan of singular beauty that’s truly worthy of the Chief Big Ass in your life.

A Fine Finish

Haiku is the result of years of research and development, hundreds of prototypes and an unequaled drive for perfection. This dedication has resulted in scores of international design awards recognizing its energy efficiency and stunning good looks.

Attention to Detail

This extra-special finish deserves the white-glove treatment — literally. Each polished aluminium Haiku 84 ships with a pair of white cotton gloves to wear during installation, so Haiku 84 keeps on shining. Our technicians even don gloves to avoid smudges as they put each polished aluminium Haiku 84 through the rigors of a 13-step hand-balancing process and sound chamber test to ensure it never wobbles or rattles.