Marion, NC

Case Study: Auto Tech Collision Center

The Big Ass Light fixtures really make a difference - they do better than sunlight! We're able to get more cars in and out of the shop, and we're a lot more efficient overall. Big Ass Light provides the ideal type of light for body shops. I'd recommend them for anywhere detail-oriented. David Hicks, Owner

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Dim fluorescent lights at the Auto Tech Collision Center in Marion, North Carolina hampered productivity. Technicians needed to pull vehicles in and out of the shop to take insurance photos, check progress and complete quality control checks. The lengthy process and lack or light interrupted workflow or, even worse, completely halted work in cases where the cars were severely damaged. Shop owner David Hicks knew that a fixture upgrade was the key to improving efficiency and increasing his earning potential.


Five Big Ass Light™ High Bay LEDs transformed the center’s interior. Constructed from a single piece of anodized, extruded aluminum, the High Bay LEDs are the toughest and brightest fixtures on the market. The old fluorescents reflected jagged lines of light off car bodies, making them difficult to photograph. The new high-quality LEDs provide clear, diffused light suitable for detailed photography. The brighter space also improved the accuracy of paint matching and repairs.

The Auto Tech Collision Center now completes estimates, repairs and quality checks in a single space. Thanks to a Big Ass Light upgrade, employee morale has increased and customer wait time has decreased.

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