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Case Study: Barnhart Bolt

Our Big Ass Fans are doing an awesome job of moving air, and the integrated LEDs improve our lighting. The LEDs provide as much light in our shops as the existing 14 industrial lights did. Having ample lighting was a constant issue, and the LEDs on the fans solved it. Dan Barnhart, Owner

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Employees at Barnhart Bolt, a fastener manufacturing company in Midland, Texas, faced excessive heat, creating uncomfortable conditions within the warehouse. In addition, the company needed to maintain sufficient light levels for workers to record precise measurements within the space.


Barnhart Bolt installed four 16-ft (4.9-m) diameter Powerfoil®X2.0 LED fans. The fans keep air moving, providing a gentle breeze and dispersing the humidity created by the plant’s evaporative coolers. Meanwhile, the LED modules offer powerful illumination and seamless integration with the existing electrical setup. In fact, the light is so impressive and effective that Barnhart Bolt was able to reduce the number of overhead fixtures at the plant, while still improving light levels on the floor. That’s a seriously bright idea.

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