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Case Study: Bluegrass Airport

  • Bluegrass Airport with Element
The addition of the fan in the terminal allows for continuous air flow in the main lobby and provides a comfortable atmosphere for our passengers. It's a high-quality, energy efficient solution made by a company in our own backyard. Amy Caudill, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

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Blue Grass Airport serves much of Kentucky with 70 commercial arrivals and departures a day and a significant amount of private traffic, too. More than a million passengers make their way through its terminal every year. Aware of the stresses of modern air travel, the airport tries to maintain a serene environment for its visitors, especially those queuing up in the main lobby for TSA screening. Thermal comfort is important, as is good air circulation. The airport wanted a way to provide both those things in an unobtrusive way.


With one 20-ft (6.1-m) Element® by Big Ass Fans®, Blue Grass Airport was able to make its terminal passengers more comfortable and add to the airport’s regional feel with a product that’s manufactured just down the road. Amy Caudill, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, said, “It’s efficient and fits in seamlessly with its environment. It keeps the air moving and fresh for our passengers.” And the fan’s silence and maintenance-free operation make it easy to forget about – until you look up. Engineering and Maintenance Director Mark Day says the fan’s unique design causes visitors to assume it’s a custom piece made for the airport.

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