Campbellsville, KY

Case Study: Campbellsville High School

The Big Ass Fans have helped tremendously. They keep the auditorium comfortable and we're running the air conditioning less. The service was great, too! Big Ass Solutions got our install done quickly and we've been so pleased with the results. Keith McCann, Facilities Manager

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Campbellsville High School’s air conditioning system, installed in 1963, couldn’t keep the 1,036-seat auditorium comfortable. Five hours before an event, the staff would cool the space by dropping the thermostat to 63°F (17.2°C), straining the system and wasting energy. Worse, the process didn’t improve the audience experience—even with the air conditioning blasting, attendees would still be hot and uncomfortable by the end of the evening. “It was freezing when you went in and hot when you left—it was one extreme to the other,” said Facilities Manager Keith McMann.


The school worked with Big Ass Solutions® to install two 12-ft (3.7-m) Element fans in the nearly 8,000-sq-ft (743-sq-m) auditorium. Since installing the fans, the school no longer has to cool the space hours before events. McMann can set the thermostat to a comfortable 69°F (20.6°C) just prior to an event, and the fans ensure the space maintains a consistent temperature throughout the night. No more complaints, no more inefficient pre-cooling—just silent, comfortable airflow at a much lower price than an expensive air conditioning retrofit.

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