Hockley, TX

Case Study: Evelyn Turlington Elementary

Most of the students who attend this school come from their own farms and ranches, so we wanted the kids to feel comfortable and at home. Big Ass Fans help, both in the way they look and in the cooling breezes they provide. Sam Savage, Architect, SHW Group

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Tucked away on 20 acres of hot Texas prairie land is the campus of Evelyn Turlington Elementary School. Designed by Houston-based SHW Group, the school’s library pairs a rustic, agricultural aesthetic with an economic-minded structure, built to encourage alternate learning environments. Large windows provide the centrally located library with generous views of the natural landscape, and white walls and panels redirect sunlight throughout the space. However, when designing the space, architects realized sunlight would not only make the space bright but also hot and uncomfortable. They needed an energy-efficient cooling solution.


Element by Big Ass Fans® provides the school with gentle air movement reminiscent of a light outdoor breeze, aligning with the designers’ goal of creating a natural learning environment for students. The fans provide a cooling effect of up to 10°F (5.6°C), but students love the way they look most of all – the fans remind them of the industrial Big Ass Fans used in the equine industry. “Most of our student population rides horses, so we wanted the library to feel like an arena,” said Mindy Peper, principal. “The Big Ass Fans represent the whole outdoor country lifestyle.”

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