Cleveland, OH

Case Study: First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland

We got the Element primarily for winter heat recirculation, and it's done an amazing job of that. Summer cooling was a secondary benefit, and the fan really is a lifesaver. It makes our church so much more comfortable year-round. Rev. Jeff Gordon, Associate Pastor

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The soaring 55-ft (16.8-m) sanctuary ceiling at the First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland was beautiful, but problematic. In the winter, hot air became trapped at the peak of the ceiling, putting a strain on the furnace and costing the church up to USD $20,000 a month in heating bills. The sanctuary needed to maintain a steady 74°F (23°C) to keep the pipe organ in working order, but the financial burden was unbearable. During warmer months, the church turned to loud, disruptive and inefficient box fans to keep the nonconditioned space cool. It was clear a better solution was needed.


A 12-ft (3.6-m) Element fan proved to be a beautiful solution for the church’s problems. The fan pushes warm air at the ceiling back down to congregant level, keeping the people (and the pipe organ) warm and saving thousands of dollars on heat every winter. Thanks to Element’s silent air movement, summer conditions in the sanctuary are comfortable for the first time in 80 years–without the estimated USD $100,000 cost of air conditioning or the need for box fans. Best of all, the church anticipates that the fan will pay for itself in just two years.

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