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Case Study: Gator Harley-Davidson

It was like a sweat box in here. But since we installed the Big Ass Fan, our employees are happier and more comfortable. Plus the fan has definitely added the environment and customer experience, and that's very important to us. We're not just selling bikes, we're selling an experience. John Malik Jr., Owner

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Florida heat, a black ceiling and a showroom with 30-ft, floor-to-ceiling windows – three strikes, and comfort was out at Gator Harley-Davidson. Beyond wanting to keep his everyday customers happy, owner John Malik Jr. also frequently hosts events at his dealership, and the air conditioning system just couldn’t keep up. Malik’s attempts to address the problem with floor fans moved little air and left his staff and visitors sweating. And although Malik’s customers like their motorcycles loud, they didn’t feel the same way about the floor fans: “Those fans were obnoxious,” he said.


Gator Harley-Davidson found a cool solution with Big Ass Fans®. Malik installed a 16-ft (4.8-m) Element fan in the center of his 8,000-sq-ft (743.22-sq-m) showroom for an instant impact. The Big Ass Fan helps his staff and customers feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler, allowing Malik to raise his thermostat setpoint and drastically reduce his air conditioning bills. Now Malik’s employees are happier, and he often catches his customers admiring his Element’s custom paint job – black airfoils with chrome tips – that mirrors the classic look of a Harley.

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