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Case Study: Giant Eagle

From both an aesthetic and performance standpoint, the Element fans have exceeded our expectations. They bring the heat down from the ceiling, providing nice, gradual air movement. Brad Morris, Manager of Engineering

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Giant Eagle broke ground on a cutting-edge Market District grocery store a few years ago. With a 22,000-sq-ft (2,043-sq-m) open retail space and 40-ft (12.2-m) peaked ceilings, conditioning the space effectively and efficiently was no simple task. Giant Eagle required a solution that would keep the store comfortable for shoppers without wasting energy on excessive heating and cooling.


Element by Big Ass Fans® reduces the need for extensive ductwork in the new space. The fans gently destratisfy the space, circulating hot air at the ceiling down to occupant level. Since the thermostats are also at occupant level, warm air circulated by Element triggers the heating system to shut off sooner, saving energy and money. The 20-ft (6-m) fans complement Giant Eagle’s sustainable operations, demonstrating its commitment to energy conservation and providing a comfortable environment for employees and customers.

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