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Case Study: Green Flash Brewing Company

We've always appreciated the customer service, and we enjoy the aesthetics and the functionality of the fan, so it was an easy choice. Dave Adams, Director of Beer Education and Retail Operations

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Green Flash Brewing Company is an innovative San Diego-based brewery that recently expanded to a new location. And while Green Flash may want its beers to be hot — seriously, its Dia de los Serranos beer is brewed with serrano chilies — it wanted its customers and employees to stay cool. What’s more, with tours available for both the brewery and its experimental barrel-aging facility, Cellar 3, Green Flash needed fans that looked the part, too.


Green Flash mounted an Element by Big Ass Solutions in its main brewery, where the fan’s aluminum airfoils matched the aesthetic of the fermentation tanks below. And without air conditioning in the building, the fan’s cooling power alone has transformed Green Flash’s space. Director of Beer Education and Retail Operations Dave Adams said, “It used to be scorching in there during the summer. Even when it’s running at 10 or 20 percent, you can clearly feel the air moving and the room cooling down.” In the limited space of Cellar 3, Green Flash used five Haiku fans to circulate air and complement the 2,000 wooden barrels used to age its artisan brews.

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