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Case Study: Harry’s

The distribution of lighting is second to none, and the ability to individually control lighting in different areas of the space is unattainable from any other light. John McNamara, Market Partner

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Harry’s struggled to maintain consistent light levels on its covered outdoor dining area. Shifting sunshine and all-or-nothing fluorescent fixtures meant certain tables were uncomfortably bright.


Harry’s installed 22 Haiku Lights, arranging them into smaller groups to create “lighting zones” on the patio space.


Haiku Light’s unique combination of features — grouping, scheduling and motion sensing — allow Harry’s to do more than simply maintain ideal lighting on their patio. The automatic fixtures also increase productivity by brightening during cleanup and deter burglars by turning on when someone enters the space after hours.

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Haiku Light Transforms Harry’s Patio

Harry’s is a Lexington-area bar and grill featuring a robust beer selection and delicious pub food. Yet the restaurant is most known for its signature outdoor dining area, a covered patio that adjoins the main building.

When the time came to update the patio with new lighting, Harry’s had a list of needs — dimming, scheduling, motion sensing, grouping and energy efficiency — that only one fixture could satisfy.

Enter Haiku Light.

Here Comes the Sun

Harry’s patio projects from its main building. A peninsular patio, the space is open on three sides to the elements. While this openness contributes to the charm and allure of the bar, it makes managing the lighting levels difficult.

As the sun traveled across the sky during the day, sunlight became concentrated in certain areas of the patio while others were left in shade. John McNamara, market partner at Bluegrass Hospitality Group (the owners of Harry’s), said the lighting changes were dramatic enough to turn away customers. Harry’s had existing lighting fixtures in the space, but their all-or-nothing brightness changes and on-off controls made it impossible to adequately adjust to the changing light levels.

“Certain tables were illuminated to the point of being uncomfortably bright,” according to McNamara, and he knew that Harry’s needed a lighting fixture that could adapt to the changing ambient lighting conditions and offered more precise control.

In Need of a Do-It-All Fixture

Meanwhile, McNamara also wanted to replace the high-maintenance old fixtures with low-maintenance LEDs that would decrease downtime, lower costs and save energy. Switching to LED lighting eliminates traditional light bulbs.

And with the bar space left open throughout the summer months, the threat of theft presented another issue. The patio features a full bar stocked with wine, beer and spirits. “One of the challenges that we face,” said McNamara, “is that six months out of the year, the only thing protecting that patio is a gate.” Harry’s needed a light that would work with security cameras to deter trespassers — or illuminate anyone daring enough to actually commit a theft.

Customized Control

Haiku by Big Ass Fans worked with Harry’s to install 22 Haiku Lights. The fixtures easily replaced the existing can lighting, making the entire retrofit process a cinch.

Harry’s groups the Haiku lights together into zones, letting it control exactly how much lighting each area of the patio receives. This allows for specific, customized control during the day. When one area is illuminated by the sun, the lights are dimmed, while the lights in the shaded areas remain on at full strength.

Haiku Light’s scheduling functionality has also been a boon to Harry’s. “We set our lights to automatically brighten for prep and cleanup time, and then dim lunch and dim even further for dinner,” said McNamara. This allows management to dial in the exact ambience they desire, while freeing up staff to focus on customers rather than lighting. It also boosts productivity during prep and cleanup by providing bright, energetic light.

Harry’s has also set its Haiku Lights to turn on in response to motion after the restaurant locks up for the night. Should anyone step foot on the patio, all 22 fixtures fire up at full brightness. If the sudden blaze of light doesn’t scare them off immediately, the now-illuminated trespasser will be clearly captured on Harry’s security cameras.

Haiku Light: More Than Just a Light

When Harry’s needed a light that would truly-do-it-all, only Haiku Light fit the bill. Through clever, coordinated usage of the high-efficiency LED fixture’s full suite of features, Harry’s improved its ambience while reducing maintenance, improving quality and productivity, and protecting its patio from burglary.

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