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Case Study: Holy Cross Parish

We knew Big Ass Fans would help with creature comfort in the hottest part of the summer, but they also help with the efficiency of the furnace by bringing the warm air back down in the winter. Big Ass Fans were definitely the best option for our situation. Kevin Hamel, Maintenance Supervisor

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Between the lack of air conditioning and an ancient boiler system, congregants of the 70-year-old Holy Cross Parish were uncomfortable year round. Summer heat made the sanctuary feel stifling and retrofitting the space for air conditioning was cost-prohibitive. In the winter, warm air pooled at the peak of the 40-ft (12.1m) ceilings, increasing utility bills by making the furnace work overtime. Small ceiling and floor fans proved both distracting and ineffective, making a lot of noise without moving a lot of air and forcing priests to turn up microphones to talk to the congregation.


Holy Cross installed two 16-ft (4.8m) Element fans. With their patented, gearless prime movers, these Big Ass Fans® are the perfect silent, energy-efficient solutions for air movement in large worship facilities. By increasing the fan speed, Element gently pushes columns of air throughout the church, providing a cooling effect of up to 10°F (12.2°C) for the congregation throughout the warmer months. During the winter, the fans circulate the hot air trapped at the ceiling down to the occupant level for increased efficiency and comfort.

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