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Case Study: Hutto High School

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After installing the Big Ass Fans, we were able to increase out thermostat set point by 2°F (1.1°C). This saves 5-8% in cooling costs and keeps the temperature far more even across the entire library than air conditioning alone. Rainey Lann, Director of Facilities

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Through a local bond initiative, Hutto Independent School District expanded its high school campus to accommodate 2,400 students, up from 1,200. In addition to a new automotive shop and cafeteria, the district built a 9,350-sq-ft (869-sq-m) library with 20- to 24-ft (6- to 7.3-m) ceilings. West- and south-facing windows in the library brought in a lot of natural light and, inevitably, a lot of heat as well. With 30 to 60 students in the library at any given time, air movement was essential – and, since it’s a library, the quieter the better.


Having just endured the worst Texas summer in decades, with 30 to 40 consecutive days of 100°F (37.8°C) weather, two 8-ft (2.4-m) Element by Big Ass Fans® offered a welcome reprieve from the heat. The fans allow the district to raise the thermostat set point from 72 to 74°F (22.2 to 23.3°C) without making students break a sweat. The increased air circulation provides comfort to students and teachers, and delivers energy savings to the district. Element fans also are completely silent, adding no ambient noise to the space and letting students study in peace.

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