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Case Study: Infinity Hall

  • Infinity Hall with Element
I am truly impressed that the element fan is completely silent. It is a nice-looking fan, but it also keeps a low profile. It contributes to a comfortable environment and fits the design of the space beautifully. Element is a simple answer for a complex problem. Andy Hincks, Co-Owner

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Infinity Hall needed a solution to a complex problem: heating and cooling a large, open space that requires absolute silence. The 320-person capacity music hall’s noisy HVAC system and soaring 25-ft (7.6m) ceilings added to the challenge. Its small ceiling fans were ineffective and distracting during performances. This first class music venue needed a large fan to complement the design of the space while operating efficiently and silently.


The venue installed a 12-ft (3.7m) diameter Element to fit the design of the space. Element provides a noiseless, energy-efficient solution for air movement in conditioned spaces. Element’s gearless motor and engineered airfoils circulate the air, providing a 10°F (12.2°C) cooling effect without distracting noise, allowing Infinity Hall to cut down on the use of its noisy HVAC system without sacrificing comfort for musicians or patrons.

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