Winnipeg, Manitoba

Case Study: Manitoba Hydro

Because our employee costs are roughly 100 times our utility bill, if we improve productivity and decrease absenteeism by 1% each, that dwarfs any energy savings we would ever see. Mark Pauls, Hydro Energy Engineer

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Manitoba Hydro focused the design of its new building on energy conservation, but knew employee comfort and satisfaction was the primary concern. Designers had to balance the desire for fresh air with the area’s harsh winter conditions. Heating the outside air caused it to rise, leaving employees in the cold below.


Three 14-ft. (4.2m) diameter Element by Big Ass Fans® were installed in the 75-ft. (22.8m) high atria. These fans eliminate stratification, recirculating the warmed air and creating a more uniform temperature throughout the space. These improved conditions result in a more satisfactory work environment for employees.

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