Frankfort, KY

Case Study: New Approach to Lighting Provides LED Upgrades With $0 Upfront

The parking lot definitely looks brighter and everything looks more vibrant. I plan to improve parking lots in other franchises using the same program. Marc Stone, Fairfield Inn Manager and President of Stonebridge Hospitality

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As a member of the Marriott hotel chain, the Fairfield Inn in Frankfort, Kentucky, follows strict company policy: no more than two parking-lot lights can ever be out at a time. For Marc Stone, Fairfield Inn owner, the 15-year-old metal-halide fixtures were a constant headache: whenever one went out, he had to call an electrician with a lift. That cost so much that he simply had all 32 lightbulbs replaced at once, every year. Stone wanted to make the switch to more efficient, longer-lived LEDs, but new fixtures weren’t in his budget.


When Stone heard about Big Ass Light’s new Light as a Service program, he was all in. The program allowed him to get 32 new LED parking-lot lights with a monthly service subscription and created lower operating costs, too. With Light as a Service, the energy savings created by the new LED lights pay for everything and Stone no longer has to shell out several thousand dollars each year for all-new bulbs. And the Big Ass LED lights really make a difference, he says. “You can see the property better from the interstate, which helps it stand out from the competition.”

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