Queensland, Australia

Case Study: Noosa Pengari Steiner School

Our project needed an energy-efficient cooling solution that accommodated a wide variety of occupancies and did not compromise the acoustic integrity of the hall. The Big Ass Fan not only looks great, but also aligned with all of these criteria in a cost-effective manner. Andrew Webb, Director, WD Architects

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The Steiner School was built to exemplify how sustainable design in an educational setting can influence a child’s perception of environmental sustainability. The school spread that message to the community through events at its performance hall. However, in Queensland’s hot and humid climate, designers knew the space would be hard to cool by passive means alone. They also recognized it would be costly and wasteful to air condition the hall, considering its open veranda where large crowds can view performances from outside.


Thanks to the careful designs of WD Architects, the school was built under budget and for less cost per square meter than typical school facilities in the state, show eco-friendly isn’t expensive. For cost-effective cooling, WD Architects chose Big Ass Fans®. The group installed a 12-ft (3.7m) Element fan to supplement the natural ventilation of the space without compromising the acoustics. The silent fan keeps performers and guests comfortable with cooling airflow, no matter the temperature.

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