Minneapolis, MN

Case Study: St. Joan of Arc Church

Our Element fans blend well with the space, and we can't even hear them when they are running. Element is an attractive, quiet and effective fan. Jerry Hartlaub, Parishioner/Advisor

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Saint Joan of Arc, a Christian parish in Minneapolis, MN, hosts 1,000 parishioners for typical Sunday services in its non-conditioned gymnasium. Warm summer months tended to make the worship experience uncomfortable and distracting, and pedestal fans were noisy and ineffective. During the winter, hot air would collect at the ceiling level, leaving visitors to cope with chilly drafts. Installing HVAC to condition the space would be difficult and cost prohibitive; the congregation needed a way to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently to ensure the comfort of the parishioners.


Two 12-ft (3.6m) diameter Element by Big Ass Fans®, powder coated to fit the design of the space. Because of its patent-pending prime mover, Element is the only silent, energy-efficient solution for air movement in large worship facilities. Element silently circulates the hot air trapped at the ceiling level down to the floor level during the winter months, keeping costs minimal and parishioners comfortable and undistracted. During the summer, by increasing the fan speed, Element gently pushes columns of air throughout the church, ensuring the comfort of the congregation.temperature in the space without creating a draft.

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