Tampa, FL

Case Study: Tampa International Airport

Big Ass Fans solved our problem in an economical way. We were going to have to spend significant money on air conditioning to get necessary cooling, but the Element fan took care of the problem. Glenn Schaefnocker, Deputy Director of Architecture

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TSA workers at Tampa International Airport were experiencing uncomfortable conditions caused by a lack of air movement and increased heat generated by security scanning equipment. Even with air conditioning, the security area was stifling, making the already stressful screening process more difficult for both workers and travelers. Previous attempts at fixes, from reflective window film and blackout drapes to supplemental floor fans, had proved distracting, unattractive and ineffective.


A 16-ft diameter (14.9m) Element by Big Ass Fans® proved to be the answer and fit right in with the décor. Element’s gearless, direct-drive motor provided silent, constant, steady air circulation and increased comfort to passengers and TSA employees, improving the environment within the security area immediately. As a bonus, Element’s energy efficiency contributed to Tampa International’s conservation efforts, cutting down on energy consumption while saving money on utility bills and preventing the need for costly HVAC upgrades.

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