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Case Study: The Smog Shoppe

  • The Smog Shoppe with Element
  • The Smog Shoppe with Element
  • The Smog Shoppe with Element
  • The Smog Shoppe with Element
  • The Smog Shoppe with Element
Element maximizes the efficiency of our passive heating and cooling system, and it creates an even temperature inside without making a draft. The fan has such a calming effect on the human psyche. Miguel Nelson, Owner

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The Smog Shoppe is Los Angeles’ greenest event venue. It’s completely solar powered and exceeds LEED® Platinum requirements by more than 200 percent. However, while the 6,500-sq-ft (603.8698m²) space overperformed on efficiency, it underperformed on comfort. When the gas heat was turned on, the event hall turned into a patchwork of hot and cold air pockets. Large windows and 15-ft (4.5m) ceilings allowed heat to rise to the ceiling or escape to the outdoors. The Smog Shoppe needed an air movement solution that complimented the efficiency and aesthetics of the facility.


The Smog Shoppe installed a matte-black powder-coated 12-ft (3.6m) diameter Element by Big Ass Fans®. It was the perfect combination of form and function, eliminating pockets of warm and cold air to help make the existing HVAC system more efficient. During winter months, Element recirculates warm air down from ceiling level, creating even temperatures without stirring up uncomfortable drafts. In the summer, Element helps distribute conditioned air with breezes that create a 10°F (12.2°C) cooling effect, allowing for a higher thermostat setpoint and reduced energy consumption.

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