COVID-19: Learn how we are protecting customers and employees

Big Ass Fans: Healthy At Work

Big Ass Fans’ focus is on our employees, business continuity, communities, adherence to Kentucky’s “Healthy At Work” guidelines, and broader social responsibility. We’ve done a lot already:

Local Impact

  1. Our leadership spearheaded an April 21 call with Governor Andy Beshear and Central Kentucky manufacturing companies to work through “Healthy At Work” procedures and guidelines to safely reopen the sector.
  2. We joined leaders across multiple industries as part of Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton’s COVID-19 Economic Response Committee to develop new rules and guidelines for safely reopening local businesses.
  3. We worked with fellow international, Lexington-based companies Lexmark and Tempur-Sealy to source, manufacture, and distribute several thousand face shields to area hospitals and frontline workers.

Airflow Impact

Please visit this page for discussion on how our products can improve indoor air quality and ventilation and visit our Air Disinfection page to learn more about how we’re actively innovating new systems to create healthier spaces.

Employee Impact

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve introduced a series of internal policies for Big Ass Fans employees and facilities.

General Building Improvements

  • We have increased air circulation in highly populated areas.
  • We have increased the mix of fresh air (vs. recirculated air) into manufacturing and office areas where applicable.

Changes Made to Daily Activities

  • Notwithstanding Big Ass Fans’ essential operational status, we announced a voluntary, two-week warm shutdown beginning March 27, 2020, to respectfully do our part to observe the spirit and intent of Governor Beshear’s executive order.
  • Prior to returning to work, we provided employees with educational resources on social distancing practices, OSHA and CDC information on Individual Risk Exposure, and FAQs about the internal actions taken.
  • We granted employees an additional week of PTO to alleviate the immediate impact of the pandemic.
  • We are providing employees with 24/7 telehealth access to board-certified physicians through Anthem and reinforcing awareness of Employee Assistance Programs to support mental health.
  • We altered our production lines to promote social distancing and added partitions where distance could not be easily maintained.
  • We are staggering break and lunch schedules to encourage continued social distancing.
  • We split employees into teams and pushed several teams to remote status in order to limit office headcount.
  • We have suspended catering services and communal food areas.
  • We instituted an open-door policy for all internal doors to reduce the number of frequently touched surfaces
  • We are limiting meetings to teleconferencing or a 10-person maximum per conference room.
  • We are providing one face mask per employee to use and clean/launder for their individual reuse.
  • We instituted a no-visitor policy at any Big Ass Fans building without senior executive written approval and communication to the EHS manager with strict guidelines for any approved visitors.
  • We are requiring any business travel to be pre-approved by a senior executive. Personal travel will require a mandatory 14-day self quarantine.

Cleaning Policies

  • We have instituted an enhanced, rigorous cleaning regimen for all desks, workspaces, and common areas across all facilities.
  • Common areas and surfaces will be cleaned twice a day at minimum, with high-traffic areas receiving a bi-weekly professional deep cleaning.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are available near production lines, desks, workspaces, and other commonly touched surfaces.

Return to Office (Effective May 11)

  • We are requiring employees’ self-attestation of daily temperature checks.
  • A face mask/covering must be worn in compliance with government regulations.
  • Office employees are requested to keep their desktops as clear as possible to assist in sanitation efforts.
  • Employees should self-police their health and stay home if ill.
  • We will provide instructions on proper use of PPE with an internal team assigned to monitor and ensure PPE availability in all buildings.
  • Employees should continue to respect social distancing guidelines, including limiting attendance at meetings and using virtual meeting technologies when possible.

Business Impact

Customer/Supplier Meetings

  • All non-essential/non-pre-approved travel by Big Ass Fans employees is prohibited.
  • Outside visitors are limited to essential customer/supplier meetings.
  • Big Ass Fans team members are instructed to use telepresence as the preferred method of communication.

Remote Workforce: Field Solutions Representatives, etc.

  • Employees should follow all state, local, and individual company directives during any visit to a prospective or current customer.
  • Employees should contact the EHS Manager for assistance or questions relating to PPE use and availability.
  • All non-essential/non-pre-approved travel by Big Ass Fans employees is prohibited.

Take Care of Yourself and Others

We have implemented the above guidelines to achieve the following goals:

  • Slow the spread of the virus.
  • Strengthen our business continuity so we can better serve our customers.
  • Better protect our customers, employees, families, and communities.
  • Lessen the burden on our healthcare system and shared resources.

Steps Big Ass Fans employees are taking if a coworker becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms or reports exposure to Coronavirus:

  • Immediately isolate the employee, ask them to depart the office to seek testing, and notify HR.
  • Instruct the employee to remain in contact with HR and advise of any changes in health condition or any COVID-19 testing/results.
  • If the illness results in a body temperature of 100.4 °F or above, the employee may not return to office until cleared by a physician.
  • Deploy the Clean Living team to sanitize the employee’s workstation and surrounding frequent touch points (restrooms, printers, etc.) with proper PPE measures in place.
  • Advise employees in the vicinity (12-foot radius) about potential exposure and instruct them to watch for any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Advise HR immediately if an employee does not return to work due to one of the FFCRA’s approved reasons for absence.