Air Only When You're There

AirEye's proprietary AirEye Occupancy Sensor (AEOS) goes above and beyond traditional occupancy sensors by detecting infrared radiation. AirEye shuts off when you leave and turns on when you're there, ensuring kickass energy savings.

Blow 'Em Away

AirEye is up to 50% more energy efficient and produces 50% more airflow than typical high-speed industrial fans. By running much cooler than traditional induction motors, AirEye’s EC motor produces much less waste heat and uses energy intelligently. And with a variable speed controller that goes to 11, AirEye lets you dial in exactly the amount of cooling power you need — no more, no less.

AirEye Goes Anywhere You Need It

Available mounting options include a portable pedestal, wall mount, swivel mount, and I-Beam and C-Channel mounts. Decide where you need to keep cool, plug AirEye in and never give it a second thought.

Backed by a 5-Year Warranty

You'll retire before this fan does. AirEye is enclosed in a robust, OSHA-compliant steel cage and powder coated for superior corrosion resistance. AirEye's motor and controls are rated IP65 so feel free to get it dirty and give it a shower. To top it all off, AirEye comes with a full 5-year warranty and easy-open, removable hinge pins for quick repairs.

Customize Your Comfort

We’ve built AirEye using modular components that allow you to swap out mounts, add an AEOS or timer controller, or even upgrade to a larger-diameter fan post-purchase. So if you find that your business has outgrown your pedestal-mount, 20-inch AirEye, don’t worry. Swapping in bigger blades, an AEOS and a swivel-arm mount is a big-ass piece of cake.

Pedestal, I-Beam, C-Channel, Swivel Arm, Wall Mount

Includes fan, motor and cage. 20", 24" and 30" diameters.

Standard or Timer

Optional occupancy sensor

Get the World's Most Advanced pedestal Fan

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