Powerfoil 8

Powerfoil®8 is a heavy-duty ceiling fan designed using industrial-grade components. It is fully factory tested prior to shipping, ensuring a perfectly functioning system backed by a 12-year limited warranty.


Industrial-Grade Motor and Gearbox

  • Inline helical-cut gears for efficient, reliable and durable operation
  • Ball bearings designed to accommodate hanging and thrust loads of Powerfoil 8
  • Double lip seals to prevent any potential oil leakage
  • Vented and lubricated for life with synthetic oil

Patented Airfoil System

  • Patented airfoil system includes eight airfoils and winglets that provide maximum airflow and efficiency
  • Unique aerodynamic design enhances both energy efficiency and airflow by eliminating vortex formation at the airfoil tips
  • Cuffed winglet design eliminates wind noise
  • Patent-pending AirFences™ redirect the fan’s air velocity profile, contributing to a 28% improvement in coverage area

VFD and Optional Wall Control

  • NEMA 4X-rated controller employs an easy-to-read LED display in a compact, wall-mounted package
  • EMI/RFI filter limits interference with other electronic equipment
  • Rotary switch disconnect for lock-out/tag-out requirements
  • Easy integration into building automation systems
  • Wall controller (shown) with on-board VFD allows floor level control of all fan functions and troubleshooting.

Hub System

  • Patent-pending hub system includes hub, airfoil retainers and hub clips that offer tough and reliable performance
  • Machine-cut precision components result in uniform load distribution to promote overall longevity and durability

Fire Control Panel Integration

Standard, power-on shutdown fire relay included for seamless fire-control panel integration

Control Options

Be the master of your domain. Powerfoil®8 has several control options available—check them out!

  • Easily control Powerfoil 8 with the digital keypad, touch control and LED display of the wall controller.
  • Integrate Powerfoil 8 into your facility’s fire suppression system and keep employees safer.
  • Add SmartSense™ to automatically adjust your fan’s speed based on temperature changes and seasonal conditions.
  • Integrate Powerfoil 8 into your building automation system for automatic centralized control of all your building’s systems.

Year-round Energy Savings

Big Ass overhead fans work with your HVAC to provide significant energy savings.

  • In summer, the fans’ cooling effect means the a/c can be set several degrees higher.
  • In winter, fans push the heat down from the ceiling, decreasing the work of your heater and leading to savings as high as 30 percent.

Unrivaled Warranties

  • Enjoy your fan, worry-free, with a lifetime hub and airfoil warranty.
  • 5-year non-prorated warranty for all components with our Factory Certified Installation. Years 6-12 are prorated. (Receive a 3-year full coverage warranty without our Factory Certified Installation. Years 4-12 are prorated.)
  • Big Ass Fans handles all warranties without redirecting you to component manufacturers. We make it, we sell it, we install it and we guarantee it.
  • See our warranties below for more information.


Plus Hybrid Airfoil

  • Pushes air at an angle, moving it over and around obstructions
  • Unique, aerodynamic airfoil and winglet designs enhance both energy efficiency and airflow by eliminating turbulent airflow at the airfoil tips


SmartSense is an automated system with three user modes: Winter, Summer and Manual.

  • Winter Mode: Automatically adjusts speed to minimize temperature differential between the floor and ceiling
  • Summer Mode: Increases fan speed as the floor-level temperature rises
  • Manual Mode: Takes the system off autopilot and gives the user full control of fan operation

Factory-Certified Installation

  • A dedicated Big Ass Fans project manager to handle your project start to finish and forever after
  • Assurance that your fan will be installed 100% correctly, by factory-trained and certified installers who know Big Ass Fans inside and out
  • Extended 5-year non-prorated warranty or a 7-year prorated warranty
  • More time to run your business while we handle the install quickly, cleanly and efficiently
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Color Customization

The standard colors for Powerfoil 8 are silver and yellow. Want something different? You can individualize your fan with one of our 11 classic color upgrades, or work with our design consultants to create a shade that’s all your own.

Explore the Colors

Color Customization

We like to think every one of our fans is an eye-catching centerpiece. But if you’d like your Powerfoil 8 to be something other than the standard silver and yellow, upgrade with any of our 11 classic colors, or specify one of your own. We can paint your fan any color in, over and beyond the rainbow.

Check out the diagram to see which parts of Powerfoil 8 can be painted. Then call today for a quote!

a. Aluminum Foils
b. Winglets
c. Airfences
e. Mounting Frame/Post
f. Extension Tube
g. Lower Cover


Inside U.S.A. and Canada
Outside U.S.A. and Canada
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Featured Case Study: Paul Cates Stable

Summers down here can be tough. Before buying Big Ass Fans, there wasn't much we could do about the heat, but this summer has been a different story. The fans help a lot and are worth every penny. Paul Cates, Owner, Round Rock, Texas


Cates installed two 24-ft (7.3m) Powerfoil®8 fans by Big Ass Fans®, greatly relieving his patrons, horses and himself. The fans work with the arena’s exhaust system to generate a consistent, cooling breeze throughout the space, keeping lessons and training sessions comfortable. “The horses and I have to deal with the heat the most, and Big Ass Fans help me get through the day,” Cates said. He noted his particularly willful horses, which were once especially affected by soaring temperatures, now rarely experience fatigue.

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