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Is it better to have this ion technology inside my HVAC system?

Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionization provides several advantages against the typical HVAC model.  First, overall ion generation will be dramatically more concentrated when pairing powerful air movement over the surface of the ionization system.  Delivering these highly concentrated ion levels to the workforce via our powerful fans is a critical component of building a safer workspace. Second, knowing that ions have a finite life, Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionization fans are physically located within the workspace, so ions spend little time travelling through HVAC systems where they may contact and ground before reaching the workspace.

The result? A properly designed ceiling fan and ionization system, such as Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionization technology, is able to create higher ion densities in the occupied zone due to the higher air speeds over the ionizer, which typically provides at least twice the typical HVAC system air speed.

Looking at the relative airflows, ionization systems in duct and/or air handler -mounted could mitigate concerns with recirculated aerosolized pathogens within the HVAC system (i.e., reduce the likelihood of room-to-room cross contamination). They also provide an increase in inactivated airflow in the space, which is a net benefit.

However, due to the limited life span of ions, the non-ideal air distribution capabilities of HVAC systems, and the distances involved in using the HVAC system to distribute ions, in-unit ionizers are at a disadvantage at occupied levels.

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